Mama Tani Cafe

Finest Emirati cuisine

Enjoy the best and delicious Emirati cuisine at mama Tani cafe .

They are serving

Breakfast ,lunch ,dinner as well .

Mama tani BREAKFAST is the best place with reasonable amount just AED 49

You can choose your Drink : karak / tea / fresh juice

You can choose your bread : Regular / whole wheat

You can choose your DIPS : Honey light /Honey Dark / Jam

You can choose your Cheese : Cream cheese / Feta cheese /Labneh /Halloumi

Mama Tani Levant BREAKFAST AED 49/-

They serve Egg with Awarma ,Foul Modammes ,Labneh ,Balla , Freshly Baked Khameers

Egg Benedict Aed 42/-

Toasted khameer,Sauteed baby spinach ,Poached Eggs ,Smoked Beef ,Bacon ,Hollandaise Sauce

Mama tani Power Breakfast AED 52

They servces Egg white Omelette ,Yoghurt .Granola Honey ,Fresh cut Fruits

They also serves SOUPS

Harira soup is just Aed 29/-

Classic lentil soup is just Aed 29/-

Soup of the day is just Aed 29/-

fattoush salad : baby Romain Lettuce,Roma Tomato ,onion,Red Radish ,Fresh Zattar Leaves ,Mint Leaves

Check out there Website

MBR Boulevard ,Dubai ,United Arab EMIRATES

Phone : 04 443 2441

Open today : 8:30 Am -12 Am

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