Ayam elezz is a authentic Lebanese Restaurant with the ambiance that will feel you like in old era , the decor is just too traditional which makes you feels so good to enjoy your Saturday brunch

As they have just introduced Saturday brunch . They have wide variety of salads , main course and desserts

The old style television , radio and other stuff make you feel so Surprise and you can recall all those sweet memories with old stuff which is sadly not more with us


The atmosphere is just amazing with very good warm welcome . The perfect way to style in a old style interior gives you complete retro touch . You can also enjoy the soft music in background which gives you a pure feel and relaxing environment

All the interior setup gives you a complete feel of Lebanon

  • colorful furniture
  • Chandeliers
  • Typewriter
  • Radio transmitter
  • Lanterns
  • Old books

Everything we used to use in late 90’s is there and you can recall your old memories with it .


The Saturday brunch have wide variety of starter section

Labneh , Makdous , Green kishik , Feta cheese with vegetables , kashkaswan cheese , hummus ayam elezz , Fattet hummus ,cheese majdoli , Mixed olives , Mixed pickles ,zaatar w zeit and halloumi cheese

Delicious Kibbeh with Vermicelli Rice served with Yogurt is the main Dish to try out .

For all the KUNAFA lovers this is a place to enjoy your dessert . Very well done .

With raha bel biscuits , it is a Turkish delight , they also serve Fresh Fruits in the buffet aswell .

IMPORTANT : they have separate section for SMOKING & NON SMOKING !

with mesmerizing view of BURJ Al ARAB

you can enjoy the magnificent view of Jumeirah beach hotel also .

The atmosphere is just amazing . Very comfortable


Located on the Jumeirah Road , opposite Jumeirah beach hotel , The Mall Dubai

  • Info
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Buffets
  • Sheesha

Morning Breakfast

Breakfast timing is from 9am to 12 pm

With variety of breakfast items

Lunch Menu

You can enjoy lentil soup ,season salad and daily dish or oriental chicken with dessert for aed 36

Opening hours

Sat – wed : 9am to 1 am

Thurs – Fri : 9 am to 2 Am

Ayam Elezz

The Mall,Jumeirah Road, Opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai

04 388 0380


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