NURAI CAFE | Business Bay Dubai

Nurai cafe is the best cafe when you want a perfect view , Food and great environment

The Very Good reason to Break Your Diet is This cafe


The breathtaking view of iconic burj khalifa , the lightings and the decor is just Amazing.

Their is Separate section for Smoking / Non Smoking Area As well.

Nurai cafe serves the best Lebanese Cuisine and Italian cuisine as well. It also a perfect location to have a business meet up .



They are having variety

Zaatar , labneh , zaatar & labneb , zaatar & jebneh , akkawi ,lahme bil aajin ,halloumi , kafta , kafta & cheese , cheese & turkey , beef shawarma Sandwich , chicken shawarma sandwich , Chicken cheese , Submarine bil aajine , choco banana nuts

Speciality of NURAI cafe is

Nurai Chicken samurai

( Grilled chicken strips toppedd with melted Mozzarella cheese , Pepperoni Slices ,Pickles , lettuce , sweet corn , jalapeño served with garlic ,mayo sauce )


Tabbouleh , Fattoush , Hummus , Moutabal , Labneh , Labneh with garlic


They are offering the best Cheese Rolls having 5 pieces in it

Moujanet Mchakleh ( 2 pieces of meat sambousek , cheese rolls & stuffed kebbe)

They famous Chicken Livers are their top and very famous hot mezza in town .


Lebanese cuisine is the top most cuisine which is Favorite among all & nurai cafe serves different fusion of cuisine in this section

* Beef brochettes

* Chicken taouk

* Kafta platter

* Mixed Grill

* Shawarma Chicken platter

* Shawarma Beef platter

* 1/2 boneless chicken


To try out the appetizer in right way nurai cafe serves you the best options to enjoy it

The main Appetizers they serve is NURAI HOUSE COMBO

In that its all in one platter cheese bread , fries , spring rolls , Mozzarella Sticks , Stromboli garlic ,Camembert bites , breaded shrimps served with tartar and honey mustard sauce


Caesar Salad

( Romaine lettuce mixed with parmesan served with caesar sauce and topped with croutons ) * Add Chicken

Dragon Salad

( iceberg lettuce , fresca , sweet corn , crispy chicken , sliced black olives ,avocado slices , tortilla bread chips , cajun spices , lemon mayo dressing )

You can double the pleasure with these salads super healthy and if your on diet these are the complete meal to have


Nurai cafe is serving the delicious and famous sandwiches , once you have it you will be craving for it again and again

The famous is CHICKEN SUB and Nurai Atlantis Club

Chicken sub includes French baguette , grilled chicken breast , lettuce , pickles , tomatoes , garlic mayo

You can also uprade the meal with the side BOOSTER Meal , light meal & Ceaser meal


Mozzarella burger favourite and famous and highly recommended burger to try out the thick layer of mozzarella layer , lettuce , pickles , tomatoes with chicken steaks


They best and well cooked Italian cuisine you can enjoy here is nurai cafe . It is served on time and proper cooked and heated .

Pepperoni pizza is the best & i recommend this to try out , the shredded mozzarella cheese ,pepperoni slice ,oregano & tomato sauce which makes Perfect Pizza to enjoy it

PINKY PASTA its a fusilli tricolor pasta ,Fresh mushrooms ,pinky sauce served with parmesan cheese on the side


Dessert selection is my Favourite selection to enjoy

Nurai cafe is serving the best shakes , juices

Milk shake includes the Chocolate milkshake , strawberry milkshake.

In LEMONADE you can have the very Refreshing Drink

Lemonade minted & chilled cranberry

Iced tea is also offered according to your desire

My personal experience was very good as im a foodie person and all type of cuisine is served what all i need .

The serving and staff members are very good gives a good environment feels just like home .

You can a complete meal in AED 200 /-

For calling

00971 56 798 2017

04 367 9980

For more reservation

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