The award Winning luxury Hotel Offering lavish accommodation ,exceptional dinning and Signature Shangri – La hospitality in the HEART Of DUBAI

Dunes cafe is the best place to enjoy your Afternoon tea .

The luxuries lobby location and the view from that is just amazing

From Breakfast , afternoon tea through to dinner ,there’s something to suit every mood and taste .

In Afternoon tea their is a theme of CINDERELLA Jewels box and to explore whole cinderella jewelry box is totally a fun and the collection of cakes is very delicious.

The rasberry chocolate lipstick is the special edible lip stick which looks very really but it taste very delicious , the crown , macrons and in every boxes their are something to eat the cupcakes and some candies , scones in rasberry flavor & chocolate flavor , home made sauce rasberry flavor, green tea cake they also have edible gold on it

For Appetizer they are offering mash sweet potatoes with nuts , nuts tart

For Salmon lover Raw salmon with bread

Latte flavor Mousse , Chocolate Mousse

Mashed potato Juice like a jelly and a tip with a cookie so that you can dip the cookie into mashed potato juice and the taste is just too good after enjoying all sweet items this is really gives a unique taste to your tea time

They also have Grilled beef in the Cinderella Magical box


The atmosphere is just Amazing with very good warn welcome. The perfect way style to old a Afternoon tea . You can also enjoy the soft music in background which gives you a pure feel and relaxing environment

Furniture , chandeliers all the luxuries are at its best


The staff is very good and gives very warm welcome makes atmosphere very pleasant feels like just your at your home place and enjoying a Afternoon tea

My personal experience of having a afternoon tea with this was very good and i highly recommend to try out

Very peaceful location with a cup of tea of coffee makes your day very pleasant

FREE WIFI is also available


Sheikh Zayed Rd, Near Financial Metro Station, Trade Centre 1, Dubai

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