25__55 |Kite Beach

Kite beach Is one of the Most beautiful Beach of Dubai where you can Have So many kites and Restaurants To enjoy .

As the weather in Dubai (Winters) so much blessings that the residents and Tours Visit to kite beach to enjoy Sun and Beach Side View .

The very Famous Burger Stop is 25__55 for its Top most Delicious and mouthwatering Burgers at Kite beach .


The Interior is so colorful the mixture of Red ,blue ,yellow and so many colors

The lightning in the night stands out from all the stops at kite beach with the view of Dubai flag From it Is Breathtaking


The moment you order about your favorite burger first they guide you with the perfect option you want and they service you in Seconds ,Great Service


They are Serving the best burgers

Volcano Slider

Original Slider

Chicken Doritoz

Dam Burger

Super Grill Chicken

They are Serving with the Shakes

Soft Drinks


Pink lemonade

Lotus ice cream

Milkshake (Nutella)

The lemonade tastes delicious after having burgers it gives you so refreshing taste highly recommended to try out their chilled pink lemonade .

And For All Nutella Creamy Lovers this is totally heaven and delicious Shake to try out

Fries with cheese & Jalapeño

checkout The view From 25__55

They also have Playing Area as-well enjoy food And play as-well

i personally enjoyed a-loot Playing it


25″55″ restaurant



My personal experience was Great and i highly recommend to visit this place if your In Dubai .

Great place +beach view +Environment = Kitebeach

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