Xpression Style is one of the biggest chains in the Middle East For Beauty /Personal Care Products And Gift


Xpressions uses the best products i received a gorgeous makeup bag in which i recieved Eyebrow Filling Powder and its so Smooth which gives perfect result and it doesnt look Fake enough very natural look

They got all color tone from dark side to the lighter tone and its really very nice . In affordable price you can have a very nice product then i would recommend this to use it .

Also got eye pencil which is also very good gives very good result and stay for very good time

I also got a nude palette eye shadow palette and its so good , the pigmentation is just so good , it stays for long time and gives a fresh look . I personally love the nude color as the summer is about to begin this color is perfect for day time and gives a good over all look .

I also recieved EYELINER its not a waterproof eyeliner but the result is pretty good and gives a shiny effect the brush is good and its Long Lasting

All the products are from chriXtina Rocca (beautiful you)

Xpression style is the best choice if your looking for Fashion ,makeup in reasonable Rates

For all the details

Check out the website


MOTOMACHI |Breakfast |La MER

Motomachi is located at the la mer (jumeirah beach Road )

Where you can have so much fun and enjoy the Breakfast

Its A Japanese Restaurant and you can enjoy the Authentic Japanese cuisine by the Experts



French toast sticks is served with Mixed berries & Whipped cream which is Extremely Delicious

Cost DHS : 51 dhs


Its A Japanese Savory Pancake

DHS : 37



Baby spinach ,Eggplant ,mushroom ,potato ,poached egg

Dhs : 51:00


The decor is just very perfect as its a Japanese Restaurant the setup is Japanese decor


The staff service is so nice they take care of everything and also gives you a home Environment


Pappa Roti is the perfect place to enjoy and Have a Cup of Coffee and try out the delicious and Soft BUN’s

Chefs are so professional because They select those who are expert in making it



The Nutella bun with nuts is new in town and its a best seller of pappa roti now

You can also have without nuts as some are not very good fan of Dry fruits


If you want to try bun and not a sweet one then this is the perfect choice you can have

Cheese and Soft bun makes a perfect combo


As they introduced the Tea with lots of Varieties the delicious and best seller is Masala Chai

Taste so delicious and very light


Beef Spaghetti is the one you can try out it taste excellent

Served with wedges ,cucumber and lemon


Wrap is the best choice you can have with a cup of coffee or tea and make a complete meal also

Its a big spicy one and Chicken tikka gives you a very strong flavor with onions


The decor is Simple but a touch of colorful Setup makes a view just gorgeous


very Friendly and the moment you order comes very quickly at your table


Pure and Original Taste of Chandani Chowk to Dubai is


They serve best gol gappy with sweet and sour Pani

Dahi bhala



They are serving the authentic indian cuisine in perfect indian Thali style

Jeera rice




Aloo gobi

Mix veg

Shahi paneer



Served with roti / paratha

They very famous indian authentic dish is SAAG AUR MAKAI ki roti

Served with butter , Carrot and sugar


Halwa and jalebies is served in perfect Indian style and is too much delicious

Gulab Jamun



Jodhpur Royal Dining a perfect place to enjoy the Fine Dining Indian Restaurant which is located in the Heart of the city at the MUROOJ ROTANA HOTEL

They serve the best Indian Authentic dishes with the best presentation . All we can have a perfect view , entertainment

Chefs are so Professional because as they grown up eating the indian dishes so they better know the taste of indian cuisine and jodhpur picked some of the best chefs from India CHEF KHULLAR is one of the best Indian Chef at JODHPUR




Its a Indian Puff with caraway seeds served with yogurt and at the top its the pink peppercorns


The perfect Art of cuisine is the macaroon chat . As the most popular in indian cusine which is very famous all around the world is Gol Gappy or you can say is Pani Puri . Its a mixture of sweet ,Sour and crunchy and chewy and you have to eat in a one shot .

This was something new in town Macaroon chat which looks like its sweet but actually its sweet , sour and crunchy . chef pradeep khullar gives macaroons a indian touch to it .

Have a look

They also served the best Sour Ice loli in a very unique way which was really very nice


The common and very famous dish in Asian countries is haleem chat

Its a mixture of Cereals and meat . cereals and meat grind so well that they come in cream form

Haleem chat is served with tomatoes , leaves and papri on the top of it


The classic a bit of spicy chicken tikka served with raita is so delicious and well cooked that every bite of chicken tikka can be enjoyed and the flavour was very unique


The authentic delicious Butter chicken based gravy laced with butter and cream its just like you enjoy Breaking a lava Cake its also the same Break the Meat ball and enjoy the gravy with it

LAMB BRAIN MASALA ‘ Mix seeds Mathri

Lamb brain masala is a very popular dish in India its a brain mixed with spices and seeds with it , this dish is found in Dubai very rare but JODHPUR introduced the authentic Indian dishes in Dubai

Have a look !

CHICKEN 65 with lemon rice ‘ Rasam

The classic Chicken 65 which is served with rice taste absolutely Delicious





Saffron Jalebi

The crispy saffron Jalebi accompanied with Rabdi dangling from a metal tree inspired from cherry blossoms

The jalebis is Presented in a beautiful way and it taste crispy from outside and very soft from inside

Every bite was Delicious


Cheese cake is served with mango chunks on the top

Every bite is Delicious


The decor is simple but a touch of Rajasthans palace with comforting shades of turquoise blue and gold royal interiors.

The ambience is calm and low light

There is also a Outdoor setup as in winter the view is just beautiful as Its in Roda al murooj the light up at night is So Nice

Jodhpur is Open for Lunch

From 11 am to 3pm


7pm to midnight

For reservation

04 3559846

Book online on ZOMATO

25__55 |Kite Beach

Kite beach Is one of the Most beautiful Beach of Dubai where you can Have So many kites and Restaurants To enjoy .

As the weather in Dubai (Winters) so much blessings that the residents and Tours Visit to kite beach to enjoy Sun and Beach Side View .

The very Famous Burger Stop is 25__55 for its Top most Delicious and mouthwatering Burgers at Kite beach .


The Interior is so colorful the mixture of Red ,blue ,yellow and so many colors

The lightning in the night stands out from all the stops at kite beach with the view of Dubai flag From it Is Breathtaking


The moment you order about your favorite burger first they guide you with the perfect option you want and they service you in Seconds ,Great Service


They are Serving the best burgers

Volcano Slider

Original Slider

Chicken Doritoz

Dam Burger

Super Grill Chicken

They are Serving with the Shakes

Soft Drinks


Pink lemonade

Lotus ice cream

Milkshake (Nutella)

The lemonade tastes delicious after having burgers it gives you so refreshing taste highly recommended to try out their chilled pink lemonade .

And For All Nutella Creamy Lovers this is totally heaven and delicious Shake to try out

Fries with cheese & Jalapeño

checkout The view From 25__55

They also have Playing Area as-well enjoy food And play as-well

i personally enjoyed a-loot Playing it


25″55″ restaurant



My personal experience was Great and i highly recommend to visit this place if your In Dubai .

Great place +beach view +Environment = Kitebeach


Authentic & Delicious Indian Cuisine In DUBAI

Enjoying the Desi Indian cuisine living in Dubai is now very easy because Authentic Indian Cuisine is at Indian summer .

From all the veggie and non veggie they are having full of varieties

The Decoration is Just so Beautiful the Red & black makes it very Stylish .

Outdoor table setting is Now available because of Very good weather started in dubai .

Food with view of Jumeirah side gives your environment a perfect one

You can have a birthday party or wedding for 50 -60 people easily as they also have a buffet offer for these department .


I have tried the delicious CHICKEN BHUNA , BHINDI MASALA , ALU GOBI CAPSICUM , BUTTER CHICKEN these dishes are at their best and highly recommended to go for it , it is Served with ROTI , NAAN

BIRYANI chicken Biryani and Mutton biryani are the best thing to try out . Excellent taste .

Alu desi samosey is also served with different varieties of chutney ( mango chutney , onion vinegar chutney , pickles & Coriander chutney )


Something in Sweet and sour if your looking for then Frozen Margherita is the best option to try out

Soft drinks are also served .


The staff service is so nice they take care of everything and also gives you a home environment

With soft Indian music at the back ground .

Continue reading “INDIAN SUMMER UAE |JUMEIRAH 🇦🇪”


The award Winning luxury Hotel Offering lavish accommodation ,exceptional dinning and Signature Shangri – La hospitality in the HEART Of DUBAI

Dunes cafe is the best place to enjoy your Afternoon tea .

The luxuries lobby location and the view from that is just amazing

From Breakfast , afternoon tea through to dinner ,there’s something to suit every mood and taste .

In Afternoon tea their is a theme of CINDERELLA Jewels box and to explore whole cinderella jewelry box is totally a fun and the collection of cakes is very delicious.

The rasberry chocolate lipstick is the special edible lip stick which looks very really but it taste very delicious , the crown , macrons and in every boxes their are something to eat the cupcakes and some candies , scones in rasberry flavor & chocolate flavor , home made sauce rasberry flavor, green tea cake they also have edible gold on it

For Appetizer they are offering mash sweet potatoes with nuts , nuts tart

For Salmon lover Raw salmon with bread

Latte flavor Mousse , Chocolate Mousse

Mashed potato Juice like a jelly and a tip with a cookie so that you can dip the cookie into mashed potato juice and the taste is just too good after enjoying all sweet items this is really gives a unique taste to your tea time

They also have Grilled beef in the Cinderella Magical box


The atmosphere is just Amazing with very good warn welcome. The perfect way style to old a Afternoon tea . You can also enjoy the soft music in background which gives you a pure feel and relaxing environment

Furniture , chandeliers all the luxuries are at its best


The staff is very good and gives very warm welcome makes atmosphere very pleasant feels like just your at your home place and enjoying a Afternoon tea

My personal experience of having a afternoon tea with this was very good and i highly recommend to try out

Very peaceful location with a cup of tea of coffee makes your day very pleasant

FREE WIFI is also available


Sheikh Zayed Rd, Near Financial Metro Station, Trade Centre 1, Dubai

NURAI CAFE | Business Bay Dubai

Nurai cafe is the best cafe when you want a perfect view , Food and great environment

The Very Good reason to Break Your Diet is This cafe


The breathtaking view of iconic burj khalifa , the lightings and the decor is just Amazing.

Their is Separate section for Smoking / Non Smoking Area As well.

Nurai cafe serves the best Lebanese Cuisine and Italian cuisine as well. It also a perfect location to have a business meet up .



They are having variety

Zaatar , labneh , zaatar & labneb , zaatar & jebneh , akkawi ,lahme bil aajin ,halloumi , kafta , kafta & cheese , cheese & turkey , beef shawarma Sandwich , chicken shawarma sandwich , Chicken cheese , Submarine bil aajine , choco banana nuts

Speciality of NURAI cafe is

Nurai Chicken samurai

( Grilled chicken strips toppedd with melted Mozzarella cheese , Pepperoni Slices ,Pickles , lettuce , sweet corn , jalapeño served with garlic ,mayo sauce )


Tabbouleh , Fattoush , Hummus , Moutabal , Labneh , Labneh with garlic


They are offering the best Cheese Rolls having 5 pieces in it

Moujanet Mchakleh ( 2 pieces of meat sambousek , cheese rolls & stuffed kebbe)

They famous Chicken Livers are their top and very famous hot mezza in town .


Lebanese cuisine is the top most cuisine which is Favorite among all & nurai cafe serves different fusion of cuisine in this section

* Beef brochettes

* Chicken taouk

* Kafta platter

* Mixed Grill

* Shawarma Chicken platter

* Shawarma Beef platter

* 1/2 boneless chicken


To try out the appetizer in right way nurai cafe serves you the best options to enjoy it

The main Appetizers they serve is NURAI HOUSE COMBO

In that its all in one platter cheese bread , fries , spring rolls , Mozzarella Sticks , Stromboli garlic ,Camembert bites , breaded shrimps served with tartar and honey mustard sauce


Caesar Salad

( Romaine lettuce mixed with parmesan served with caesar sauce and topped with croutons ) * Add Chicken

Dragon Salad

( iceberg lettuce , fresca , sweet corn , crispy chicken , sliced black olives ,avocado slices , tortilla bread chips , cajun spices , lemon mayo dressing )

You can double the pleasure with these salads super healthy and if your on diet these are the complete meal to have


Nurai cafe is serving the delicious and famous sandwiches , once you have it you will be craving for it again and again

The famous is CHICKEN SUB and Nurai Atlantis Club

Chicken sub includes French baguette , grilled chicken breast , lettuce , pickles , tomatoes , garlic mayo

You can also uprade the meal with the side BOOSTER Meal , light meal & Ceaser meal


Mozzarella burger favourite and famous and highly recommended burger to try out the thick layer of mozzarella layer , lettuce , pickles , tomatoes with chicken steaks


They best and well cooked Italian cuisine you can enjoy here is nurai cafe . It is served on time and proper cooked and heated .

Pepperoni pizza is the best & i recommend this to try out , the shredded mozzarella cheese ,pepperoni slice ,oregano & tomato sauce which makes Perfect Pizza to enjoy it

PINKY PASTA its a fusilli tricolor pasta ,Fresh mushrooms ,pinky sauce served with parmesan cheese on the side


Dessert selection is my Favourite selection to enjoy

Nurai cafe is serving the best shakes , juices

Milk shake includes the Chocolate milkshake , strawberry milkshake.

In LEMONADE you can have the very Refreshing Drink

Lemonade minted & chilled cranberry

Iced tea is also offered according to your desire

My personal experience was very good as im a foodie person and all type of cuisine is served what all i need .

The serving and staff members are very good gives a good environment feels just like home .

You can a complete meal in AED 200 /-

For calling

00971 56 798 2017

04 367 9980

For more reservation


Memorable Staycation At • SOFITEL DOWNTOWN • 🇦🇪

Wonderful Staycation at Sofitel downtown Dubai.

The moment you step into Sofitel downtown you will started getting pampered with warm welcome by the staff members .

Sofitel downtown dubai is located near the Heart of Dubai which means you will Experience the Breathtaking view of Iconic BURJ KHALIFA ,sheikh zayed Road and yes BURJ AL Arab from your Room . The day & night view from the hotel will feel your in the another world

As you Stay with Sofitel downtown you can have loads of facilities

When you stay at Sofitel Dubai Downtown, you can get exclusive benefits and discounts..

From IMG Worlds of Adventure to Reel Cinemas,

From the Dubai Ice Rink to the Kite Beach,

From the Kids Club to the Infinity Pool,

From the Green Planet in City Walk to KidZania in The Dubai Mall,

From Hub Zero to Mattel Play Town, and much, much more…

Complimentary Shuttle Bus to kite beach, Emaar Square, and DIFC from Sunday to Thursday’s,

There is also an art exhibition from Budour Al Ali located on the first Floor.

An Urban Oasis , Rooftop Pool offering a bustling view Downtown Dubai, Mosaic pool bar is there as well. Les Cuisines a great cuisines from French to Asian specialties and Arabic dishes offers a culinary voyage of discovery.

The Sofit Gym located on the 2nd floor, to keep shape and fit. Bar and lots of restaurants to choose…

Ambience : The Feel of Having a room which has a view like burj khalifa ,burj al arab ,address dubai gives you great feelings and woking up with the view adds much more importances to your DREAM staycation

Interior : Sofitel Dubai Downtown has picked up the best Interior with best Color Selection . Ads a Complete package to have A perfect Room. Their is a separate area for Working ,if your here for a business purpose the mini office is in your Room which totally gives you a Office environment .

They Have King Size bed and twin bed which is being Set up According to the need of the person .

Have A complete look of Your Bath room

• They also have a secret lock up to keep your precious items in safe place .

•hair dryer

•Sofitel downtown slippers which are very comfortable to walk around

•Needles & thread in case you need it you don’t have to rush to any store

• Towel and tissues

* Room service is available Twice A day so that you may feel like your at your home place


Sofitel downtown is offering the Best Restaurant to enjoy your Lunch / Dinner .


WAKAME is one of the restaurant for all Asian Foodie . If your craving for Sushi , chicken , noodles , beef then this is the right choice to do and enjoy it .

Details About the MENU

* DIM SUM Truffle Edamame ,Wagyu Beef Gyaza ,Black Cod & Prawn Potsticker ,Prawn ,Scallop & Mushroom Siu Mai ,Chicken & Ginger , Butternut ,Spinach ,Feta & Pine nut


kani kamaboko crab salad (crab with cucumber ,Asian Mixed Leaves & Sesame Yuzu Dressing )

Crispy Japanese Eggplant & Burrata ( Eggplant with burrata & Yuzu Truffle ). Green Papaya ( Fresh Green papaya ,Coriander ,Mint & Peanut ) Wakame ( Marinated Seaweed with Green salad ,Goma & Jalapeno ). Green Leaf Salad ( Asian Mixed Leaves ,cherry ,Tomato ,Avocado ,Enoki Mushroom


Miso Tom Yum. Prawn & Coconut Soap


You can enjoy YAKITORI MARINATED BABY CHICKEN ( Grilled chicken ,Assorted Mushrooms & Truffle Teriyaki )

Served with sides according to your choice

•Seafood Fried Rice assorted seafood with ginger

• Broccolini Red chili Sauce

* kong kong Chinese water Spanish


• NEW toffee fondant with ice cream

* macrons ( As they were having their 2nd Anniversary we celebrate 2 years of success of WAKAME )

They also have separate area where you can enjoy and have Drinks with your Friends.

You can also experience Live Sushi Making .


Breakfast is the Most Important part of Your day and when your having it at Le cuisines it make you feel even more special


The Moment Your enter after a nap you can view A colorful interior which makes your Morning very Refreshing . The color selection of Green ,pink & Red Gives the environment so lively ,you will enjoy your breakfast here for sure .


The staff service is so good that the moment you enter they are here to guide you have the best BREAKFAST


They Serve variety of Breakfast items ,they have live stations aswell in which they cook Omelette , spanish omelette ,egg Benedict

When your looking for variety of Breakfast then Les Cuisines is the best Among it

They are having loads of variety when it comes in SANDWICHES

If you want a cheesy sandwiches then they serve CHEESE SANDWICHES, FETA CHEESE SANDWICHES

For all the FALAFEL Lovers they also serve Falafel Sandwiches and adding one more variety to sandwiches are PASTARAMI SANDWICH


As we live in ARAB country and we are use to enjoy arabic cuisines so they also added arabic dishes in the breakfast so you can enjoy and feel completely you are in DUBAI

* Falafel

* Manakish

* Labneh plain

* Mummus

* Mummus beiruti

* Mutable

* Mixel pickle


* Fish Roulade

* chicken Roulade

* Chicken Mortadella Pepper

* Chicken Mortadella Plain

* Beef salami

* Salmon Gravlax


As cheese Is the important thing in breakfast and group of every age enjoys Cheese . It is served in many varieties

• Cheese brie

* cheese Reblochon

* Cheese Gouda

* Cheese Goat Saint Maura

* Cheese cheddar

* Cheese Manchego

* Cheese Emmenthal

* Cheese Halloumi

* Cheese Baladi

* Labneh Balls

* Camembert

HOT Selection

* Turkey Bacon

* Hash Brown Potatoes

* Chicken Sausage

* veal Sausage

* Sauteed Mushrooms

* Baked Beans

* Vegetable Curry

* Plain Paratha

* Waffle

* Pancake

* Crepes

Plain paratha can be enjoyed with vegetable curry which is the dish from Asia , people Use to enjoy Paratha with vegetable which is the complete Breakfast .

Waffles ,pancake & Crepes is enjoy with Nutella sauce . Its is the very famous Dessert in every part of the world and loved by all age group


The most important part of BREAKFAST is EGGS

* Boiled EGG

* Scrambles EGG

* EGG benedict

* Omellete

* Sunny side up


* Frosties

* Cocopops

* Granola

* Smacks

* Bran Flakes

* Corn Flakes

* Muesli Gluten Free


* Cashew nut Whole

* Walnuts

* Peanuts

* Apricot

* Prunes

* Hazelnut

* Maple Syrup

* Nutella


* Chocolate

* Mango

* Strawberry

We live in United Arab emirates and the UAE is famous for the best and pure quality honey they serve .

They are having lots of variety in Raw form.

* Raw Yemeni Sumar honey

* Raw white Mountainous honey

* Raw Yemeni sidr do ani

* Raw honey and saffron

* Raw honey and ginger

It was A full house considering the weekend . My overall experience was Lovely .


My Morning Was Completely A magic when i woke up with mesmerizing view of Downtown dubai .

Relaxing and Enjoying Your Breakfast is just a perfect start to Mornings

Sofitel Downtown dubai is the best place to enjoy your dream staycation because it not just the view but the service , restaurants they are having is execellent . My one night staycation with them was totally memorable and i highly recommend them to experience it .

The Warm welcome they gave to me was Amazing . I loved it

Sheikh Zayed Road,Downtown Dubai


Hotel Sofitel Dubai Downtown

Sheikh Zayed Road,Downtown Dubai – Dubai

04 503 6666


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